Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Welcome Wagon Workshop

Yesterday I had my first Welcome Wagon Workshop and it went well.

I decided months ago I would expand my Stampin'Up business through advertising and I decided to try Welcome Wagon. I had been visited by a Welcome Wagon representatives when I moved to Halifax and Winnipeg and even when I moved to Delta. I know the representatives do such an amazing job describing and promoting a business I thought I would give this a go.

I ended up having only two people show up out of the five that originally said would attend. This didn't discourage me. I met two wonderful woman and we made four beautiful cards. They were super excited about the cards. Both of their favorites was the Upsy Daisy card because of the Dazzeling Diamonds we used on it.

One of these women and I ended up having a connection. Through our chatter we discovered that I knew her daughter-in-law and that my son and her granddaughter attend the same elementary school. This goes to show you how small the world is and how Stampin'Up can really bring people together.

I don't know where Welcome Wagon contacts will take me but I know this will help me meet new people who want to have fun and be creative as much as I do.